Keystone, Springdale 5th wheel


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My Son who lives in Washington State is thinking of buying a 2005 Keystone, Springdale 5th wheel. It is 26 foot long with one slide. Can anyone out there in RV land tell me anything about this model ?
Any pros or cons he should look for. Being an RV owner myself I know about the usual roof leaks, floors, plumbing, ceiling leaks, tires, etc. This home is used but not very much and looks brand new. Any help will be greatly appreciated.......


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Keystone, Springdale 5th wheel

Hi Turnip42, all I can tell you is I'm on my second Keystone product and very pleased with both. Our first 5th wheel was a Cougar. We looked at the Springdale also, but chose the Cougar. It's an entry level 5th wheel,just depends what he's looking for comfort wise.