keystone sprinter 04

I just want to warn potential buyers of sprinter product warranty issues. I have had to have the rubber roof replaced due to air bubbles in it, this I was told would be covered by the dicor roof warranty but dicor said they do not warranty an improper installation only their product. I am currently in the process of trying to have the decals replaced due to air bubbles that run the entire lenght of each and every decal. The factory rep would like to just poke holes in the bubbles I think this will only cause a temporary delay in the decals peeling possibly after the warranty expires. I also had to have all of the wires wrapped under the trailer these were just laying on metal that could have eventually rubbed through and may have caused an electrical fire, who needs that.There were also holes through the floor under the cabinets that were not sealed. Buyer beware


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keystone sprinter 04

We just bought a Leisure MB Sprinter 210, and we are really happy with it everything works just fine. No bubbles, no raw wireing. Maybe you just bought a "Monday made" Sprinter