Kountry Star 5th Wheeler

We are looking at a 34 foot Kountry Star 5th wheeler and was wondering if anyone has ever had one and got a comment about them (good, bad, or ugly). If we purchse it we are looking to also tow it with a Ram 3500 Diesel....

The RV loks "heavy" but looks like it is good quality.

Thanks in advance

Meadow Muffin

Gary B

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Kountry Star 5th Wheeler

Hi Meadow Muffin, I have no persomal experience with the Kountry Star line I do know the they have a good reputation, and yes it maybe heavy, but you have a good truck for a tow vehicle, so you'll be in good shape. Have fun & enjoy. :) :laugh: :cool: :approve:
Kountry Star 5th Wheeler

I have a 1998 KS 5th wheel and am very satisified with it, I will buy Newmar again if I decide to replace my trailer. My rig has 2 slides which have been trouble free. Only problems have been with the awning and air conditioner which can't be attributed to Newmar.