Kudos to Draw-Tite


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I'm the first one to gripe when a company does me wrong, so let me take this opportunity to thank a company who does things RIGHT.

My trailer is a '98 Wilderness 26'. It came equipped with a Draw-Tite equalizing hitch when I bought it. I am not the original owner - I bought the trailer used.

I recently started having trouble with the mechanism that keeps the bars in the up-n-latched position, so I e-mailed Draw-Tite to ask about purchasing replacement parts. They responded to my e-mail in less than a day, and their response blew me away.

"No problem, no charge. Just send an address; we'll send you replacements, and an improved version at that." I got the parts in about a week and didn't even have to pay the freight. This on a 6 year old unit that I bought used!


Thanks Draw-Tite! You can be sure that any hitches I buy in the future will be Draw-Tite hitches, and I'll not miss an opportunity to tell others about your unusually strong commitment to customer satisfaction. I wish all my suppliers did business this way.