Kumho tires - are we getting ripped off?

Charity AK

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We are an Alaskan homeschooling family of 4 (boys 12 adn 15) getting ready to take a 2 month trip from Florida to Seattle - predominantly across the heartland. We've bought a used motorhome in Newberry, Florida after much correspondance, long distance phone calls, viewing pictures and having two different mechanical inspections. It is a 1987 Holiday Rambler (somewhere between 32-36 ft - not sure - this part is dh's bag - he's out of town and asked me to research these tires online). We are newbies to RV travel. It's been a longtime dream to show our kids the world and we finally decided time was running out and we needed to "make it so." That's the background....

The RV is currently in a shop in Florida getting fine-tuned for the road. Most of the tires were brand new except for some in the back. The shop is putting on Kumho tires (DH pronounced them cue-me-ko on the phone, but I this was as close as I could find online). He's never heard of them and is worried he might be getting ripped off. Not being able to be there and keep an eye on things, he feels somewhat vulnerable (or rather is feeling like his wallet is somewhat vulnerable).

Have you heard of these tires? Are they decent? We will be doing some mountain travel in the Smokies and Rockies and he wants reliable products being used. He has a CDL license and has driven big rigs at work so his driving experience shouldn't be a problem.

Feedback on Kumho? Should he insist they be replaced with something else? And if so, what?


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Kumho tires - are we getting ripped off?

Hi Charity, NO YOU ARE NOT GETTING RIPPED, they are excellent tires, I have them on my MH, had them on a previous MH and a truck, keep in mind MH tires generally age out long before wearing out. They are a very popular brand with the trucking industry. Made in Korea, they are sold all over the US & Canada, warrenty is no problem, in fact they have an excellent warrenty record vs Mich which has vritually none. Your spelling correct. If you go to www.tirerack.com you'll be able to check their specs. they spec out as good or better than any other tire mfg.
Welcome to the forum and to Rving may you have many happy trails.


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Kumho tires - are we getting ripped off?


You have a tire shop over on the Parks on the Soutern edge of Wasilla. Some very knowledgable folks there. I would pop over and ask them about these Kunho tires... prior to purchasing.