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Carol as RV'rs we will tell you to raise the roof and don't do anything to the RV. But here is an option. Buy a cover for your RV and park your truck under the permenant cover. An RV cover should only run about $200. and there is next to no work involved. Me, I like easy. :laugh: Good luck with whatever you decide. :)
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We have looked into the covers but as often as we use the rv it is kind of a lot of work. Put it on take it off put it on take it off.
If we were not going to use it for a month or two it would be alright. But I plan on using it as often as the weather will allow even during the winter. Down here in Texas the only thing that stops us from going in the MH is the wind! And work of course. :) You are right though the cover is only about 200.00. Only time will tell what hubby will do. I will keep you all informed.
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OK, I'm new here. Not to be a pest...Yes Honey, be right there. But you mentioned pictures...OK Honey, in a minute. For the life of me I can't find...Yes Honey, I heard ya. ...any buttons to click to see your pics. Could someone tell me what I missed? OK, I'm coming...........
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Thank you. I found it. Didn't know I had to search by user. I thought most recent would show up in group at top of page when you click albums at top of this page. My bad. Still learning to navigate this site.
Funny about that pier pic. Seems like it did little to affect your trip's fun. It does seem that raising the roof is your best bet. Thanks for the help.
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Thanks, We had a great time in Corpus that weekend. Still debating on the cover thing though. The MH has been sitting out in the driveway for a year now. Still waiting. But she does get washed about once a month and we have been taking care of her to keep her protected.
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I'm new to this subject so bear with me.

An airline had a problem with getting one of their new jets in the service hanger because the tail was too high to clear the door opening.
The option they went with was to run the nose wheel up onto a ramp until the tail dropped enough to clear the top of the door---a simple ramp with a flat top long enough to keep the tail down until the jet was inside.

Possible with a class C??