Hate the idea of climbing on the top of my Class A to wash but also potentially to slip and slide. Looking for a light, foldable RV ladder tall enough to allow washing the roof with a soft brush with a long handle. Haven't seen anything like I need. Any suggestions!Thanks.

Thanks for the input!Looked at both. Maybe I'm being particular but what I want is the height of the telescopic ladder on an "A" frame. I concerned about damaging the motorhome finish by having to lay the telescopic against the side of the unit. I guess I'll just have to keep looking!Again, thanks!

C Nash

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Hi genel,
Grandkids work pretty good :laugh: . They like to climb :) . Just tell them to NOT wash the top and it will be finished in no time :laugh:

Good idea! However, my only grandchild is only a year old. She's a cutie but afraid I'd run afoul of labor laws if I put her to work!