Lake Huron Canada


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Anyone that has traveled the Canadian side of Lake Huron.
Is it senic? Is there Camping? Does the road travel close to the Lake?

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Lake Huron Canada

LKE hURON trailering is one of the best kept secrets I know of. We go up for a week every September.

From Port Huron Michigan cross into Canada on the Blue Water bridge and
follow the expressway eastward to Ontario Route 21; turn to yourleft (north) and you will be on the eastern side of Lake Huron.

Th is beasutiful farm lande with yellow brick houses and small towns, each with their own downtown, something we don't often see in the states any more.

There is camping all along there. Our favorite is the Pinery, a
Provincial Park on the southeastern corner of Lake Huron. 1000 sites,
1000 sites, about 400 with electric. No water hookups, but water
throughout the park. They have a good camp store, snack bar etc.
Trails, canoing, etc.

Pinery is an environmental park; campsites are large and there is a good-sized patch of brush between you and the next guy-----in fact
you probably won't be able to see his camp!

Nearest town is Grand Bend, 5 miles north; severl good eating places
there; also just east is the town of Exeter.

I you continue northward on Rt 21 you will pass through a number of
small town, most of them within sight of Lake Huron. You can
continue on Noth to the quaint fishing village of Tobermory.

On the way out to Tobermory, stop long enough in Wiarton to go
to the kocal park and see the very large statue of Wiaron Willie.
the white groundhog who handles the local weather forecasts!

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Lake Huron Canada

We ditto "Oldfogeyus"...spent 1 - 3 weeks every year for 20+ yrs. camping on Lake Huron, Georgian Bay and Bruce Peninsula. Pinery Park did have some loud parties but may have calmed down. There are Indian Parks on the Bruce that are very nice; some are basic camping with outstanding scenery, hikes, canoeing, and crystal clear water, others offer variety of services. Keep eye on weather, we got snow in May! :) :laugh: :cool:


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Lake Huron Canada

Pinery is a wonderful camp ground The Riverside camp area is great. If you liked this park you might want to try Sandbanks near Trenton. The beach is one of the best i've seen on a fresh water lake. Also the electric site roads are all paved great for roller blades. Heres the link
Keep in mind some electric sites have no shade and some with great privacy.
Happy Rving