Lake Magic RV Resort outside Disney

We are planning a trip to Lake Magic RV Resort which is just outside Disney in Dec 05. Can't find to much info on this Resort, does anyone have any info about this place???

Really wanted Fort Wilderness, but completely booked.
Lake Magic RV Resort outside Disney

Hi Melschell I looked for awhile and couldn't find Lake Magic. I do however have a couple of sudjestions about Fort wilderness you might not have thought about. First im not sure what rig your towing but you might want to upgrade the site to premium they might be available (worth the extra cash to stay on property). 2nd call disney world directly at 407-939-6244 ask them directlly about the dates (don't rely on the online calander for availabity) you might be suprised that there might be something available if you arrive one day later or leave one day earlier. Then you can book the KOA in kissamee for the extra dates needed. 3rd alot of times if your willing you can switch sites in the middle of your stay to another one and be able to stay at the park the whole time.Last but not least ppl always cancel usually closer to the date but they do happen. When we booked there last we orignally booked 2 sites so we could stay, I called them weekly to see if someone cancelled and sure enough someone did and we ended up on the same site the whole time. I don't know if you ever stayed there before, if not I would sudjest if you can get it by any means do it. The benifits of staying on property are well worth the effort.
I hope this helps and sorry I could't find the info on the other r.v site
Happy camping.