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Help! In our new to us motor home, I have a Splendide washer/dryer. I have been doing laundry for a lot of years, but I'm having a horrible time washing my husbands jeans! They're a wrinkled mess! And I really don't want to iron them :(

I have followed the instructions very carefully, including the size of the load, the number & weight of the items, the water temperature, the amount of detergent, the amount of softner, etc and I'm stuck! I just don't know what else to try. I did discover that cold water, which I would normally use for almost all loads, does not work in this machine well.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! (I know I could walk over to the laundry room, but it is now a battle between me and the machine and I'm bigger!!!)


DL Rupper

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Re: Laundry

My wife found the answer. I'm the laundry boy and I take it to the laundromat or RV on site laundry. Works every time. :eek: ;)