Leak Found


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Well, after a couple years, more grey hair, busted knuckles, etc., I "think" I finally found the leak that has been making me old.
The previous owner had sealed around the three vent caps (the ones that go over the buildt in crank open vents) on the roof. Water would collect inside and no place to go so it finally found a way into the inside and ran back from the front vent to the rear of the MH (I have a slight slope to rear) and then dripped right on my head while sleeping. I took off all three vent covers , cleaned all the caulking off, resealed around the screw mounts for the caps, and no leaks so far (even rained hard during the night). I did not realize that those caps should be open all around for the water to drain out so did not even think about that.
Sure gonna miss that leak.... :laugh: :bleh: ;) :clown:


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RE: Leak Found

Good job ARCHER, now maybe you can get back to the important things. Like a lawn chair. ice chest and fishing pole. And of course, making sure Linda is happy! Hope you are enjoying sunny Florida. 32 degrees this morning here. :eek: