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We're looking at class b,thinking of buying a Leisure Travel Van including the delux handling package. We found this to be one of the best in its class in quality. Any response will be greatly apprecited.
Leisure Van

The Leisure Travel is a nice van. The quality is pretty good. They have a couple of quirks that I did not like.

For one they are built in Canada. Their bathroom is also not very useful. If you look at the model with the shower in the hall you can imagine the problems with that. If you are on a slant at all will it drain? Also makes it kind of hard to get around when someone is in there.

I bought an Xplorer 230 XLWT it is made in Michigan and is the only American built Class B. They have been in the business since 1967 and build a great motorhome. This is my 3rd and I have looked at them all. Their bathroon is all inclosed and is very user friendly. They also have dual rear wheels on their wide body which help alot in winds and on those mountain roads.

I wish you luck in your decision. You should call Xplorer and at least try to look at one.

Their number is 1-800-343-2771.



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Leisure Van

HPN to Xplorer's...on my 4th....230 widebody...great....30,000 miles on the 'o2. ANY coments on Bielsen shocks for this unit?? 'The Book'
Leisure Van

Had Bielsteins installed on my Roadtrek 190-big improvement in handling. If you are a DIY,the rear ones are a real bitch because of the holding tanks. Auto Zone had the best price,about $90 each,and well worth it IMO. Stiffer ride,but I reduced tire pressure to 50f,70r and its much better.