Length vs Wheel Base


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Is there a rule of thumb or specific relationship between the TV wheel base and its capability to tow a specific length TT?

My 07 Tundra's overall
Length is228.7"
Width: 79.9"
Height: 76.4"
Wheelbase: 145.7"
Track, front and rear, is 67.9"

GVWR of 7100lbs
Curb Weight of 5,540
Payload Capacity of 1580 lbs
Hitch Weight Rating of 1030 lbs
GAWR of 4000
Tow Capacity of 10,300 for the 4x4
GCVWR 16000 lbs

We have been looking at TTs in the range of 30-31' total length and approximately 8500-9500 GVWR, (dry weight 6-7k).

What would be the maximum length TT for this TV?