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Just Saying "Hi" this is my first post, and this is my first RV, a '74 Executive I like to call "Lot Rot"....hence the low miles and low price, the good thing is I use to be a truck mechanic ;)
It should be a "turn key" by spring :cool:
I always wanted a 440 Magnum...but I would have prefered it be in a '66 Dart. See Ya on the road!


Gary B

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Let the Fun begin!

HI welcome to the forum and to rving, nice looking MH, Executives were top of the line in there day. Happy campin :) :laugh: :bleh: ;) :approve:
Let the Fun begin!

Tammi...you hit the nail on the head, and with green shag carpet wall to wall no less, now where did I put that box of 8-tracks? ;)



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We have friends who's parents had one just like that and the year was the same too. They did a lot of traveling in theirs. I believe that the got it about a year before they retired. We all went hunting in it one fall. It was a really great RV in it's day!



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LOL Rott!!! I am embarrased to admit, I don't even really remember 8 tracks- too young. But, I know my mom got mighty upset when she found me taking hers apart to see what the heck they were! :laugh:
Enjoy your "new" rv- may you have many happy and safe miles logged!
Let the Fun begin!

Lot Rot,

Hapy to have some one out there that has the same aspirations as My wife and I do. We purchased 1979 Foretravel and have been having a blast at camp grounds. You would be surprised how many GOOD comments you will be getting with an older home.

We are presently getting the decor back to original and we are looking for an older model beetle for a toad.

We get funny looks when we go to garage sales looking for 8 track tapes.

Hope to see you on the road some time.

PS IS there anyone that knows if they have a classic motor home club.

Have a blessed day,
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Poppa, I swear....my Executive has the EXACT carpet that was in my parents house in the '70's while I was growing up! Dark panel green and gold, that is the motif here too :cool:

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Welcome LotRot74, that's really a nice rig. I know what you mean working on your own rig, it saves you a lot of $$$ :laugh: I also am old enough to know what a 8 track is. ;) :) :laugh: Injoy you 1 st RV and be safe. Terry6
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Neat rig. Mine is not quite that old - but is still nice and older. It's a 1993 Tourmaster and I am having a ball fixing the dozens of little things the previous owners didn't bother to. Some electrical, tires, batteries, powered steps, loose moldings, and etc.

One thing though - I see you guys posting photos of your rig and - try as I might I have been unable to get mine posted. Would like to share it too as it is a beautiful rig - special paint job and all.

Enjoy - sometimes the best things are older and take a little elbow grease.

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Are your photos on a server somewhere on the internet?
That is the first step...don't look down, I can walk you through this :laugh:
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Does your ISP give you server space for a home page? That is a popular way of doing it...thats what I do. Here is a link to a FREE Image Hosting Site. As I have said before you will need a place on the internet for the image to reside, then you can point to it and it will show up in your posts :cool:

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Very Nice!
Now when you make a post copy the image location...in this case it is,
In the Format: row of buttons 11 buttons over is the "Insert Image" button, pushing it will give you this..
"img""/img" in brackets Insert your location between the brackets (I had to change the brackets to quotes to show you) When done like the image below you will get an image in your post!!!

See the "Preview" button above ^^^^^^^ use it to test the links in your post.

WOW...THAT IS NICE,Post photos of the INSIDE!!!!!!!
The word "Opulent" comes to mind ;)


Nobody could ever accuse you of being an underachiever ;)