leveling jacks

michael mangine

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hi all , just got 08 endura class c diesel.was leveling up on auto when i turned off ignition by accident now i cant get jacks to go up or down,panel just blinks all legs are down.whats the trick. thanks


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RE: leveling jacks

You aren't being ignored, but I don't think anyone can come up with an exact solution without being there. You probably have a good warranty consideration. Have you tried calling the dealer or manufacturer about a service call?

Just thinking off the top of my head. I don't have jacks on my MH.


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Re: leveling jacks

Try this reach under the dash and unplug it than plug it back in. Turn on key and wait a minutes, than hit the on off button and it should come on. Than you can do what you got to do. Also make sure the emergency brake is on. I would just hit auto to finish the leveling and you should be ok.