Leveling system lubrication?


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Hello, I was looking through the manuals and saw that it said I should periodically spray the leveling jack posts with silicon spray. I vaguely remember reading a post that doing that should be avoided, but can't find it with the search command.

Anyone have any wisdom on this, pro or con?
Re: Leveling system lubrication?

Always do as the manufacturer suggests. They supply the warranty payouts. HWH says clean and use a light oil like WD-40. Each manufacturer is different.


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Re: Leveling system lubrication?

All of the manufacturers of hydrualic leveling jacks that I know about say to avoid any petroleum based lubricants on the jack rams because it will collect dirt and grit and that will soon destroy the seals in the ram. We have jacks by "Big Foot" and they say to use a silicone spray. I have used silicone spray on mine since they were new back in 1998 with no adverse effect.