Hello everyone:
I hope someone can help me.I have a 2001 Nash 5thW
it has a very dark corridor and I'm looking for a stick on type of
light(run by batteries)I have contacted Camping World without success.Where can I try next?Thanks in advance for your reply(ies)
parigi. :question:


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Try Target and Walmart, as well as Hardware stores. You may find a light you like which does not stick; in this case, get some of the double sided foam tape to stick it up with.

However, you may not be happy with this. Keeping up with the batteries will be bad enough, but having to go down the corridor to turn off the light may be a hassle. If you can find one which turns off automatically after a minute or so, that may help (have one at each end of the hall). Another possibility is one which has a motion sensor and only turns on when it detects motion.

What I would probably do is find a source of power near one end of the hall or the other, and install a strip of under cabinet lights or some such down the hall, with a switch at each end. Or a motion sensing light running off the trailer power.