locking the Rocker when towing ?

Hey guys .... my neighbor just installed a "Little Rocker" look alike hitch in his truck and it has two locking levers that prevent the head from tilting (both ways)..

The question is ... do you have to lock the head after hooking up trailer before towing it on the highway...

or is it OK to leave the locking levers in the unlocked
position, so that the hitch head can tilt fore / aft and sideways..

He asked me and I said I would ask my buddies on the RV forums..

anybody know for absolutely sure which is correct ??

He is leaving this Tuesday, so need answer asap..


Gary B

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locking the Rocker when towing ?

Hi John, your buddy can tow anyway he wants with the Li'L Rockr its up to him, he can check here www.rbwindustries.com then click on products then on li'l rockr and at the bottom of the page click on the li'l rockr installation instructions has it all there. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
PS John is this a RBW li'l Rockr hitch or something else? I just reread your post, I know that Hidden Hitch says to tow in the unlocked position, darned if I know why they have a lock other then to keep it from floping when drive around empty???? :angry:
locking the Rocker when towing ?

Hi Gary,

The hitch is a "look alike" of the the Little Rocker and sells for $299.00 in an RV store in Reno. It is rated for 15,000 lbs and looks like it will do the job.. I forget the name on it.

A couple of folks have said that the Little Rocker hitch should always be towed with it in the un-locked position and as you said, lock it only when not towing.

So I guess the bottom line is... do it which ever way he feel like it..

Thanks for the link,



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locking the Rocker when towing ?

Many of the hitches (particularly smaller ones) don't rock. My Reese rocker did not come with a rock lock, but I installed one as an accessory. I'd say its a matter of personal preferance. Intuitively, letting the hitch rock should reduce the stress on the trailer pin box, but what it would do to the ride and overall control over the trailer, I haven't decided yet.