looking at a new mh

well i have a 96 bounder 32 foot right now and im looking at moving up a few years to a 99 bounder 34 foot with a slide. and i noticed the 99 has the 19.5 tires compared to my 96 with the 16's is there a ride difference between the two. anyone have anything i should look for that was a common problem with the 99's?
looking at a new mh

I don't sell MH's, but the larger wheel is probabally due to larger brakes. If you get a new dually, you get 17" wheels. The reason is the larger, better brakes on newer trucks. The 16" wheels simply won't clear the brake castings.
looking at a new mh

The 19.5 tires will have greater load capacity, which you need with the larger coach. But they should ride fine. You will notice the biggest difference when you buy your next set.
looking at a new mh

so technically i should have a larger gcvwr and gvwr correct? does anyone know where i can find out the specifications on a 99 bounder 34v? ie how much fresh water,black,gray,gas,and the weights?
looking at a new mh

The Chevy P32 chasis had 19.5 wheels all through the 90's. The fords had 16s until they brought out the V10 F53's about 1998. The 19.5 does ride better than the 16. The price of a new Michelin 16" is about $150 the 19.5 for RV's is $276 each. The larger wheel and tire do have greater load capacity, but the ride improvement over the earlier F53 was dramatic. I owned 3 of the early ones and the 91 Chevy I had rode much better with the 19.5 tires, to bad the new then 4 speed transmission would not keep working.
looking at a new mh

ok thanks for that info that helps. im just trying to see if there going to do a good price on it for me as we speak. they offered me 20,000 plus my trade. i was hoping for 15 or 16 but we'll see


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looking at a new mh

I haven't priced them but it doesn't sound like such a good deal.
How much is a new Bounder or one a couple of years old?
Everything in the 99 is six years or so old, so all that stuff is thinking about failing also.