Looking for 40' + Class A with garage


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I'm new to posting on your forum and am hoping that I may be able to find some help. I currently own a 40' Monaco and tow a 20' trailer which I use to transport my dogs to and from shows.

I would like to purchase an rv that has a built in garage. They are much more convenient and it will be nice to get rid of the trailer. The problem I seem to be running into is finding a 40 - 45' class A with the garage and a bedroom. A friend was telling me they looked at an rv that had the bedroom and they entered the garage through the bedroom.

I'm sure most of you on here are much more educated in the different types of rv's, so I am turning to the pros for advice, so to sum up my search...

"40 - 45' class A diesel with a bedroom in the back and entry into the garage area."

Any information you can provide would be much appreciated. Maybe a brand name or other info so that I can narrow my search. Thank you very much to anyone that can help!

Jann Lanz


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WOW I just saw that today on the travel channel. But I will tell you it was on a PREVOST, high in MH. The owners had 3 cats and they would travel to the basement/garage thru a open in one of the cabinet at the floor level. When you open up the basement door you see the cats play pen with all the toys, There is a wire mess sliding door to open up to let the cats out side. I just thought that was real cool.