Looking for a campground in the White Mountains

I have decided to take my first trip in my new jayco 20BH in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and wonder if someone can recommend a campsite with full hookups that is open April 14th. Many of the campsites I have seen online are open on May 1st and I have April 14th through the 27th off from work and would like to go then. I am looking for something quiet and scenic, and I am not interested in "activities for the kids." I also have a dog, so that is a consideration as well. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Looking for a campground in the White Mountains

Isn't anyone able to recommend a campsite in the White Mountains that would be open in the middle of April? It seems like all the campgrounds I have seen on the Internet are open mid to late May. Any help would be appreciated.
Bob :question:
Looking for a campground in the White Mountains

You're asking for a mighty tall order, Bob. Few campgrounds in the north are open that early. I was surprised to find a couple in the Trailer Life directory that might fill the bill.
The best thing to do is get a fresh copy of either the Trailer Life or Woodall's campground directory. They inspect and rate every campground every year. Such a book is indespensible when planning a trip. A few tries will tell you how your standards match up with their ratings (we all have different priorties) and then there will be a lot less surprises.
If you want, I could e-mail what I found out, just drop me a line.
Looking for a campground in the White Mountains

I like to stay at Eastern Slopes campground in North Conway, but i believe it is underwater or snow at the end of march. Spring skying in the white mountains goes till april and most campgrounds are reclaiming their propertiy from the Saco River and other forces of mother nature. the late opening is usually a necessity for campgrounds in the white mountains. you might try emailing them cause this has been a mild winter and they may be in better shape this spring for eariler patrons. Whitemountains national parks allow camping all year but you may need to be self contained but check on line. I live south of boston and the only place open that early for camping is in Foxboro.