Looking for a family dog

Hi, we just recently suffered the loss of our family dog. I am now looking for suggestions for a new dog. What I am looking for is for a breed of dog that has a great temperament and will be everyone’s friend. We expect to take him with us on our trips too. We are currently looking at Golden Retrievers but would like some input from your experiences. Here is what were looking for.

Size – Not larger than a Medium to Large
Great temperament has to be good with kids and strangers
Short to mid length hair

So what do you think?
Looking for a family dog


There are a lot of great dog breeds, but for what you define I suggest a Boston Terrier. Adult males run from 15-25 lbs, females slightly smaller.

These dogs were originally bred to be fighting dogs but in the last 100 years are bred to be companions. They love everyone, are very intelligent and easy to train. They have short hair, don't shed very much, need minimal grooming and are overall quite easy to live with. Because they are bred to be companions they don't need as much excersize as some of the larger working breeds such as the Golden Retriever but are still athletic enough for vigorous play and long walks.

Get the pup young and socialize is thoroughly. Handle the puppy a lot and encourage others to do the same and you will have a happy, friendly dog.

Our Boston is great. If he has any fault it is that he is sometimes aggressive to other dogs. This NEVER seems to be a problem when other dogs visit our home but sometimes he bristles pretty good when meeting other dogs in public places. 'Course, he is small enough that you can just pick him up and carry him off. :)


PS Learn more about Boston Terriers at http://www.bostonterrier.org


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Looking for a family dog

Guess I am partial to Goldens. We had a beautiful fellow for over 11 years and then had to send him on before us. He was large, but if you watch their weight (as with most dogs) you can keep a golden to around 80-85 lbs (ideal weight). Best dog we have ever had. Loved everyone and was our guardian at all times. He did shed a lot, but worth it to us. We now have a partial golden (someone dumped her in our yard) and she is also a loving, caring, pet.
My only suggestion is that you don't get one like you just lost. As they are family, it would be really hard to handle having one around to bring back memories.
Doesn't matter.....lovel um like family and they will return it 100 times over..... ;) :) :)
Looking for a family dog

My vote is for Labradors, black or chocolate are my favorites but yellow are great also. Great temperment and my black Lab is my best friend
Looking for a family dog

A good place to start is your local animal shelter. You never know what they might have, but some really nice dogs wind up there through no fault of their own. Just like getting anything else second-hand, spend some time and know what you're looking at. Another place to try is a local pet store that doesn't actually sell puppies. They will know any local breeders or people with pups. Also, don't forget your vet. Again, pups and adult dogs who need homes (owner moving, ill, passed on, etc.)
My personal suggestion is to find a mutt the size and temperment you want. A mutt will usually (not always, but more often) be healthier and live longer than a purebred and can generally be had for little or nothing.
Looking for a family dog

We have a chow...terrific watch-dog, not too good with other dogs, and not a people friendly animal, (loves the grandkids though!). However, we have friends that have a boxer...and that breed is terrific with other pets, kids, adults, etc. Very loyal and loving, not hyper, and great on trips!

I too would look at the local shelter...my daughter found a fantastic dalmation there that is great with her kids, very protective, and the vet said about 2 years old...and was just about to go over the rainbow bridge when she got her!
Looking for a family dog

I have to agree with the general consensus ... browse the pound before paying big bucks to a breeder. I've had "Domino" for 10 years now and I'd trust my life to him. He's a big (100 lbs) lab/dalmation mix but boy is he a sweetheart! We've made numerous trips with him, last year a coast/coast and back in a mh. Nary an accident! We just returned from a 4,000 mile 5th wheel trip with Domino on the back seat of the pick up. Didn't know he was there unless I looked for him! He sheds some, but unlike a lot of other dogs, when he barks you can bet he's barking for a good reason!
Looking for a family dog

Hello, I want to thank everyone for replying. It hase sure been fun reading everyones suggestions. There are so many breeds to choose from. We finally decided and picked up our puppy on Saturday. We went with the Golden Retriever. My sons were so happy. It made their day and ours. "Wags" is eight weeks old and adjusting to his new home. He is so much fun. Wags has filled a void in our family and has made us very happy. Thanks again for everyone sharing their sympathies, suggestions, and stories.
Looking for a family dog

We own two dogs:

1/2 golden ret n 1/2 lg golden lab

1/2 "australian stubby tailed cattle dog" n 1/2 dingo(?)

We love both. Golden is more emotional and needs more constant affection. (She's our baby - can't help but luv her) But, "Joe" our "cattle dog" is the best for camping. His hair is shorter (though he still sheds a bit spring/fall) and his temperment is fabulous. I simply walk a circle around the camp area that I want him to remain in, repeating "Joe, walk the camp." He then remains within that circle. (He is a natural 'herder' and trieds to keep all our friends' dogs and our kids within the circle, as well.)

He's not as affectionate as the golden/lab; but, he needs love and praise and adores people. He requires his 'babies' to play and chew with (though he's never chewed on furniture) - this is a very intelligent breed and there is some cost associates with making sure that they're stimulated (or you COULD have problems). Check out the we regarding this breed - he's fabulous.

I couldn't NOT recommend the Golden Retreiver (as we love our Sam). Such great temperment, as well. Shedding is a LARGE issue. As long as you do'nt mind a 100lb lap dog and can give more luvs than usual, you'll be fine.

Good luck! :)
Looking for a family dog

We have three dogs ourselves -- all three of them are retreivers mixes. One is Aussie/Black Lab Reteriver, another is Flat Coated Reteriver and the third is a golden retreiver/yellow lab reteriver. We call them the "oreo cookie gang". The heaviest is 96 pounds and doc said to put him on a diet. Poor sweeite -- he'll live! The other two are 86 and 76 pounds respectively. :-D We adore them!