Looking for a small toy hauler

I'm hoping that someone might know of a small toy hauler, light weight camper. Sleeps 4,and holds two dirt bikes. I'm not sure the name of what they are looking for, but does anyone know of one or two?
Re: Looking for a small toy hauler

Now, I'm pulling yer leg a bit, but that sounds like a Casita TT pulled by a PU truck with a ramp to load the bikes in the bed.

Casita is made just up north of us near Ennis Texas. There's room for 4, but there won't be much left over! :)

I'd say that if you want light, small and easy to pull, then you don't want a toy hauler.


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RE: Looking for a small toy hauler

kerri, viking rv makes a nice 16' unit that will sleep 4 and handle 2 dirt bikes.base wt. is about 3400lb. They also make a larger
22' that's very nice. The units a called v-trec. I am a rv dealer located in tn. I will be glad to answer any questions that i can.
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Re: Looking for a small toy hauler

Naughty, naughty U. If you want to advertise, pay the fees and advertise under the RVusa RV sales. :eek: If you don't want to pay the fees that keep this forum going, kindly keep your posts to yourself. Thank you. :)