Looking for info on becoming RVs before Retirement


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We are planing to give up our jobs before retirement age and see the world working through Temp. agencys as we go. Looking for someone who is doing that and advice about Health ins.? Tips on Rv places, where there is work and fun. Advice on a good Diesel pusher with pop outs. We are close to early retirement age but can't seem to wait to go. Advice wanted.... good or bad!

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Looking for info on becoming RVs before Retirement

Thank you RV Wizard. Your info was very eye opening. We hope to do this in this year we have been looking and planning a couple of years now. I really need some help with how to come up with health insurance. I wonder why so many read these and don't have any imput for them. Come on get in there and let me know how it is....Hope to hear more.

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Looking for info on becoming RVs before Retirement

Hi Drich,
Are you looking to buy used or new. You can start by checking the classifieds and dealers on RVUSA. Trader on line also has a good selection. Check out all the Rv shows and find a floor plan you like. There are also some good forums on diferent boards that have owner reviwes that I find informative. Wish we could get a RV review started on RVUSA. Insurance, guess there no such thing as a bargin if you have to purchase it. We are fortune enough to have ours from our employer and when I retire ,100+ days, we will still have it. I agree lots of readers and very few replies and I like to read everyones opinions then, hopefully, I can make correct decisions.

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Looking for info on becoming RVs before Retirement

Hi Drich: It took me about 6 months to find the RV I wanted. Searched the rvclassified.com, rvsearch.com, rvusa.com among others. Lots of great deals out there if you have the patience, and it sounds like you do. I carry insurance with a company called NASE for the self employed. Depending on your age it could be a little pricey but it works quite well for the big stuff and that's all I am worried about. I am just now getting ready for my first 6 week or so trip from the Great Northwest, South somewhere to get out of this miserable weather. Good luck
Looking for info on becoming RVs before Retirement

I agree, workcamper.com is a great place to find work while traveling. It works even better if you subscribe to their full feature newsletters.


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Looking for info on becoming RVs before Retirement

Thanks for the info. The insurance is one thing really holding us back. Anyone have any thoughts on the Safari Motorhome? We hear they are pretty nice. Is there anywhere in Florida I should look at Motorhomes? I will be traveling there soon. I plan to check out the big place in L.A. too
Looking for info on becoming RVs before Retirement

Hello drich! :) Was just wondering if you had resolved the health insurance deal? Have you gotten an idea on what type of MH you want? and price range? Haven't heard from you in awhile and thought maybe you would appreciate more information that you might not get; laid back on the boards as it is.

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