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I'm new to this - I've just bought a 1990 Tioga Montara with low miles - My girlfriend and I are Taking a year to cruise from upstate NY to Vancouver then into Mexico and back - this site has been extreemly helpful - where else can I look for good info - any recomended books - for rookies - Any help is apreciated. thanks


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looking for info

Make sure you check with your insurance company before you drive your rig into Mexico......and where you go there.


looking for info

Hi mrj,
We are at Mission texas and we cross the border at Progresso mexico, a lot of retirees spend the winter here and this area in mexico has been safe.

Some of the other border crossings are not that way, I would like to go to San Carlos mexico it is on the gulf of california almost due south of Tuson Arizona I understand it is pretty nice, I will see if I can find that web site for you. http://www.sancarlosmexico.com/

Yes you need to purchase Mexico insurance for your vehicle before you cross the border and although you can still cross just by showing your Drivers license, they have instituted the passport which I have and eventually you will need it to cross, going in is a breeze but comming out you get the once over ha ha.

Hope this may have been of some help, Progresso Mexico also has a web site if you want to check it out. later Jim