looking for input on class b's

We currently have a class c and are looking to go down in size to a class B. We are looking for something that seats at least 5 if not 6 and can sleep 4. So far I have only been able to find a roadtrek versatile that meets those needs. Do you know of any other brands that may fit those specs?

Now for my other questions.....for those of you with Roadtreks what do you think of them? Is there something you can't live without? Not sure if want to buy new or used as they are hard to find here in Southern California.


looking for input on class b's

I don't know of any class B that sits 5 or 6 unless you sit people at the rear table in a Roadtrek. I have a 1995 Roadtrek 190 versatile and like it a lot. I have been reading about the newer Roadtreks here on the forums and a lot (not all) of them are having all kinds of problems. Maybe the newer ones are not built as good as the older ones. I was thinking of going to a 2003 but have decided to keep my 1995 as I have had no problems with it.
I have everything I need in my Roadtrek except a generator. I don't boondock so don't really need one. As far as buying new or used, the new one are so expensive and once to drive them off the lot they loose thousands. I would look around for a good used one. Check out vancityrv.com in St Louis they have several used class b's on their site. They have a 2002 Roadtrek Wide Body 190 versatile for $39.995. They also have a 1996 Roadtrek 190 versatile like mine, no price listed on it. I think they have a "fly in & drive home" plan.
Good Luck whatever you do.
looking for input on class b's

I have a 2002 Roadtrek Versatile. We love our Roadtrek, except we don't have enough time to go anywhere, working part time in our retirement.

One thing we don't like is that the plumbing access is so low to the ground, that you almost have to lie on the ground to empty the tanks (Chevy version). Also, this same pipe is vulnerable to damage if you hit something big on the highway, like we did when a truck blew its tire in front of us and we couldn't miss running over it, knocked the pipe loose. I was able to fix it myself when we got home, and was able to wire it together for the rest of the road trip.

Riding in the back for passengers 5 & 6 is very bumpy, as you sit over the rear axle which is tightly sprung.

In 28000 miles we have used the generator less than 10 times. But we love the convenience.
Dave Martin in VA
looking for input on class b's

We have a GreatWest van that sleeps 4,and has comfortable seats for 7.
For further info I suggest you contact the manu. at GreatWestVans.com
We are very happy with our van.