Low lifes that wash their sewer hose at water con.

Low lifes that wash their sewer hose at water con.

If what is on the water faucet bothers you, you should see what is in the water... I use a filter that screens out the big things and bring drinking water from a source I trust.
Low lifes that wash their sewer hose at water con.

:evil: Devils advocate, here. Zigzagrv is right about other things we don't think about. I was in the Corps ('68/9) in Viet Nam. We used to "burn the sh*tters", then go eat, drink, or whatever. Think about all of the countries that have no clean drinking water, and yet somehow we all seem to survive. As a country, Americans are getting "way to clean". Anti-b's for every sore throat, anti-b hand cleaner (that isn't effective, btw). Anti-b's don't even work on virus's, yet we insist that the Dr. give us some for a cold anyway. My point?... the cleaner we get, the less prepared our immune system is going to be, to fight off the harmful stuff, on it's own. I know this will start a HUGH argument, and I by no means condon using the drinking faucet to clean your sh*t hose. I would probably get in a lot of trouble if I saw someone pull that stunt! BUT, sometimes you just have to get a life. Trugged the filty rice paddies w/ human, and animal excrament, and I'm still here. AND, think of all the times you guys DID use the contaminated faucet, and you're still here! Semper Fi, and happy motoring!
Low lifes that wash their sewer hose at water con.

I gotta jump in here. This has been studied ad nauseum in the pressure washing industry where the difference between 10% and 12% is significant. Bleach degrades, but unless exposed to heat and heavy sunlight, it does so over a 12 month period. And the rate of degradation is realative to the concentration. 15% degrades to 12% in hours-days, 12% degrades in weeks-months. 10% over a period of ~6 month, and so on. A 2% solution stored in a cool dark place should remain viable for YEARS.

Also, bleach does NOT become less of a disinfectant above 2%. Above 2% is less cost effective as is wasteful, but 12% bleach will burn flesh in seconds and completely decompose heavy organic material like leaves in minutes. A poor little e-coli bacterium doesn't stand a chance.

That said, chemical decomtamination requires contact. If there are little terd-bits on the faucet they will be squeaky clean on the outside until you smash them with the faucet threads or your fingers....


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Low lifes that wash their sewer hose at water con.

:) Does anyone consider the usage of isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) in a small bottle and some gauze pads to wipe out the faucets before using? Takes very little room to store with my rubber gloves and the alcohol doesn't seem to deteriorate rapidly with age and heat inside your storage areas.
Low lifes that wash their sewer hose at water con.

I'm not real sure I understand what is being discussed here. When I am ready to leave a campsite I disconnect my water hose from the motorhome. I disconnect the sewer hose from the motorhome. I use my water hose that is connected to the water outlet to rinse the inside of my sewer hose while it is still connected to the sewer pipe, but I don't put my water hose inside my sewer hose. And I carry a can of Lysol and rubber gloves with me at all times. Just don't know why anyone would disconnect their sewer hose and then put it by the water faucet to rinse it out. Not very effective and you are going to wind up with some sh*t on the ground if there happens to be a little stuck in the hose. People think they are immune to germs and disease? :angry: :question:


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Low lifes that wash their sewer hose at water con.

No, some people are stupid, lazy, slobs who don't care what impact they have on others.

If you are careful, your method of cleaning will probably not cause you any problems. However, to be even safer, you could use a 'gray' hose to clean your sewer pipe. Also, a bacteria rated water filter on the input to your trailer will further reduce your risk, including from the group of (alleged) people mentioned above :)