lucy's big adventure

tree trunks and roots can be mesmerizing

from bryce we went to zion national park

very different seeing the canyon from the bottom looking up

from there down to the north rim of the grand canyon
i finally got one, how ugly are condors, this one is a 10 year old female, at the visitor center in the grand canyon they were able to tell us all about them

after the grand canyon, we found dinosour feet the first i've ever seen

they are huge, much bigger than chicken feet

then we went to the petrified forest, i can't believe people take this stuff home, at a rate of 2200lbs a month pretty soon at this rate there'll be none left for the rest of us to see


from there we went on to flag staff, joseph928 took us on a guided tour of the area
sedona, the sights in flagstaff, it's a pretty place, somewhere a chicken could roost
still lots more of the country to see yet though

from flagstaff we went to the hoover dam, it was a lot more expensive than i was expecting, so we only got to drive across the top of the dam

from there we went to vegas

4 days in vegas was enough for us, vegas is NOT for chickens
today 7 hours driving, and now we are resting in san diego
lucy made the west coast