major rv parking structure in san diego area

iam planning to build a multi-level mega parking structure in the san diego area. there is an increasing need of rv parking in the area. recent studies show that the demand is reaching 10,000 rv parking stalls in the san diego area. i have purchased 20 acres of land between highway 805 and I-15. any comments about the design and financing of the project are welcomed.


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major rv parking structure in san diego area

What is driving this demand? What will rising fuel prices do to the demand?

Multi-level? Keep in mind that (some) RVs are heavy (over 18 tons), tall (14 feet or even more with antennas), wide (8 1/2 feet) and long (over 40 feet). The bigger ones take a lot of space to maneuver. So, you might want to have the bottom floor for the big motorhomes, the next floor for the littler motorhomes, and the top floor for trailers (pull through parking spaces so people don't have to back in).

Is it going to be completely enclosed or open like a parking garage? Secure access, automated or manned?

You might want to offer the option of plugging in electrical (15 amps should be adequate) to keep batteries maintained/humidifier going (long term storage) or the fridge going (short term storage). It would be nice if your lighting would power the solar cells of the units which have them.

You might want to have a couple of 'prep bays' where people could dump sewage, fill water tanks, test all the other hookups (water/electrical/cable/possibly phone) and wash the unit before or after a trip, including awnings. Possibly even service bays where they could change oil/lube the unit, although this might be an insurance problem. Alternatively, you might offer basic maintenance services.
major rv parking structure in san diego area

Since you are from So. Cal. McBrides RV Repair has broken ground on a new RV Storage in Chino Ca. For a cost they will hook up your RV to cool the Refrigerator, wash your bedding, clean the inside/outside of your rig, stock your RV with beverages, install security system, Starting price is 250.00mo. :dead:
major rv parking structure in san diego area

I don't doubt that there is a need for 10,000 RV storage spots in San Diego area, but there are also already a number of RV storage lots there as well as every military base has RV storage.

When you take into consideration that many of the older neighborhoods get away with parking RVs on the street or in the yard that also takes away from the need for paid storage.

Personally, I would think that with the cost of land and construction in the San Diego area you would be better off using 20 acres for something other than RV storage. I say this as many in San Diego live pay day to pay day, yes they have a 750 thousand dollar home (that they have already drawn the equity on) and a 50 thousand dollar BMW and an RV,, but they are stretched so thin that they can't really afford to pay what you would need to charge to make a profit on your venture.

That is just my opinion after living in San Diego for 40 years. :disapprove: