making a trip in february got questions

well im making the first trip with the new motorhome in february to live oak florida for a car show but i need to find out if the roads im taking are going to be ok for my motorhome. is there anyway i can find this out?
making a trip in february got questions

Ahhhhh...define OK.......What route...what motorhome...why are you concerned???? :question:
making a trip in february got questions

I see you have a Bounder... if your no taller then a semi... and the interstates take those... I think you'll be fine... unless you have some special requirement????


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making a trip in february got questions

From Alabama to Florida in Febuary, I can't see any reason why there would be any problem. Assuming that you travel via the US routes or the interstate highways the roads should be of no concern.
making a trip in february got questions

Suwannee County Airport
live oak,florida is where im going to from

alexander city,alabama. im pretty sure the height of the bounder is 12' and reason im asking is cause i'll be pulling my trailer behind the motorhome which will make me 56' long. thats my concern. i did a mapquest to Suwannee County Airport and im only on 1 major highway
making a trip in february got questions

:laugh: Follow a semi..... they are over 13 feet .... then watch the signs. Low bridges should have a warning posted. We're 12ft 6in and rarely have a problem. 36 foot 5er on a 20 ft truck.. were pretty close to 50 feet as well... so far so good.

By the way "pretty sure" is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.... get out there and measure that thing and post a sticker on your dash so if you need to remember exact hieght real quick there is no mistake.

If you have an overhead telephone wire (not Power) or a handy tree branch measure the hieght from the ground. Pull under and measure the hieght from the motor home... subtract... then you've got it exactly.
making a trip in february got questions

alright cool thanks. i think what i may end up doing is just drive on that 1 road im not too sure about local here to me and see what kind of road it is. im sure it should be alright but i just want to make sure
making a trip in february got questions

Couple of ideas...

1. If you are concerned about restriced roads, you might want to buy the Rand McNally Motor Carrier's Road Atlas .

2. To amplify on Gruffy's comment, I would suggest getting a label maker and putting a sign on your dash with your weight (lbs and tons), height, and possibly even length and width. If you think you'll ever be traveling to Canada and/or Mexico, this is a good time to calculate these values in metric units and list them as well.

3. Don't necessarily rely on Mapquest to route you, if you are concerned about side roads. As others have stated, sticking to major roads and interstates you should have no problems. So, also break out the paper maps, and see if you want to overrule all or part of the Mapquest suggested route.

4. Finally, since you seem to have narrowed your concern down to one particular part of your trip, you could also try contacting someone who regularly drives large vehicles in that area and find out if there are any concerns. Try talking to drivers or dispatchers with local trucking companies, earth moving contractors, etc. who regularly drive tall and heavy vehicles in that area and see if they have any problems. Unless you are talking about residential or gravel side roads, however, I seriously doubt that you'll see anything lower than 13'6" (normal max semi height), otherwise they'd perpertually be putting it back up after trucks knocked it down.
making a trip in february got questions

Hey guy,
Precious and I use for our trip planning. you can input the start and finish and add stops inbetween, print it out and don't cost a dime :laugh:
making a trip in february got questions

k thanks for the advice i'll check out and see what i come up with. i'll let everyone know how it turns out in mid february when i take the adventure for the first time
making a trip in february got questions

Hello, FOLLOW ALL HAZMAT WARNINGS. We got a warning on 95 comeing from virgnia trew the tunnel into maryland ( I think thats where it was ) but anyway the fine we were told for a first offence was like $3000.00 dollars So watch for the warnings Rich B.
making a trip in february got questions

i don't think i hit any tunnels but i new about the no gas in tunnel hazard already. thanks for the warning. keep the suggestions coming


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making a trip in february got questions

What the heck are you doing posting a real estate ad on an RV FORUM, Kim? Especially under the category and subject for this post?
making a trip in february got questions

She has posted that real estate on every single forum on this site. I hope RVUSA puts a stop to that. There is a place for everything and real estate on this site is wrong. Wake up Kim.. :8ball: