Metzendorf travel trailer

Hello, I live in Ohio so my 1960 Metzendorf did not travel far. It needs a lot of work but I'm up for the challenge. It has been setting for a number of years and I need new tires. Its a 13' model can you tell me the tire size that came on it. I mounted a 205 75R 15 and could not get it on as it was to wide. Thanks Dave
I believe my Metzendorf has 6.50 x 13ST tires but I will have to check them for sure. However, a copy of the original advertising brochure for that model says that it came with 6.40 x 15" tires as original equipment.
I am also in Ohio , Tuscarawas County. Mine is a 1956 ( clean title ). Has some water damage. It appears that the 5/8 plywood walls are it. Siding screwed onto that and that's all ????? Ant of the old plans or info. out there to share ? Thanx , Phil


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Hey all, I'm new to the group, thanks for letting me in!
We live in middle Tennessee and own a 1960 Metzendorf with a 10 foot body. Originally bought from friends of ours in New York about four year ago, we've had her from Canada to Key West, and getting ready to head to Portland Oregon in her this week. We've put thousands of miles of fun on her....
As for tires, the proper size now would be 195/75R15, but they quit making that size tire a few years ago. I do have 205/75R15's on ours, BUT, you have to let the air out to get the tire on and off. It's a pain, but I haven't found a solution yet, the 205's are just a bit too wide.
This chart from Tire Rack shows the conversion for earlier tires ...

I recently had a message from a person interested in Metzendorf trailers and had told them of this blog. I came back on to see what had been posted. I noticed your question about the tires. I asked my husband who used to help my father build them. The original tires were 15" bias tires. Someone also asked about pictures of the plant. I will try to attach a few pictures I found after my father, Karl Gerlt passed away. It is so nice to know they are still being refurbished today. #1 a 10' built by Mezendorfs. #2 A 13' built when my father first purchased the company. #3 a 15' on the way to delivery. #4 A 15' in the plant. #5 A15' in front of out home on the way to Michigan. #6 An 18'. #7 A truck camper. #8 My brother in front of the shop cleaning snow off the trailers. #9&10 A motor home my father built. One of the last made before he sold the company. They went out of business shortly after the sale. The building still stands but no longer is used for manufacturing. I hope these were interesting for any Mezendorf enthusiests on the sight. They were great little trailers and I loved my time sewing the curtains and helping my father in the shop.


Hi Im new here. I have purchased a 1959 Metzendorf and am in the process of rebuilding it. Can anyone tell me what type of wheel was used. I have what I believe to be the original wheel with a small baby moon type hubcap. Im looking to buy new hubcaps. I know these are some type of automobile wheel. But Im not sure what Chevy, Ford, Dodge ? Please see the pics. Also I have found a place that makes aluminum siding metal to order . I purchased some and it is spot on replacement. Another site that I bought lights from has exact replacement marker lights.


TFlach If your still looking for window seals, try Steele rubber products makes all type of original replacement rubber seals for automotive glass. If you have a sample they should be able to match it. Or your dimensions would also work.