MH recomendation wanted

RE: MH recomendation wanted

My wife and I have been full timers since 1998. The first MH we had was a 1985 class A Gulfstream bought used. We never had a problem with it. Everything always worked, nothing broke down. We did replace the heater motor 2 times, but we ran the heater hard in the winter because we lived in Montana, Colorado and Nevada. So the heater motors were cheap to replace. ( $140). We ran this unit for 8 years. Wish I would have never sold it.

We bought a newer class A MH in 2006. Oh boy. Lucky we bought the extended warranty. The frig Dometic, is on recall and the recall does not fix the problem, they just install a kit to keep your MH from burning down. Water pumps go out frequently. 2 per year. Yada yada.

When you look at any unit, get on line and find out about recalls and make sure they have been done or taken care of. Ask for service tickets. If it is a used unit your looking at, buy an extended warranty from a reliable carrier. Remember that when dealing with a warranty issue and your a full timer, they may need to keep the RV a day or 3 or 6. And there are signs in the RV Service companies that state, Not Responsible for items left in RV's. Please believe that.

Now you want to take a few things into consideration when looking for an RV. What you'll carry, so how much storage does it have, enough for winter clothes, summer clothes, tools, toys etc. Do you have to buy a new truck to pull the new 5th wheel? Or, if your looking at a motor home, is it set up for towing your car/truck? Make sure to drive the unit first. If it is a 5th wheel, tow it down the road and check it out. Get on the hi-way with them.

We live among full timers all year long in the 3 states. A few of them bought their RV's out of the "WOW" factor not the practical factor. The style they have does not work for their needs. I strongly suggest to rent a 5th wheel, then a Class A, or what ever your thinking of before making your mind up. This will give a lot of insight on what you really want in your RV. Try them all for a week or so and find out what will and won't work for your lifestyle.

A very good friend bought a 2006 diesel pusher, and the poor guy is struggling with cracks on the exterior sides. He paid $300,000 for the unit and he has had nothing but problems. So its not how much you spend, but how its build and who/where the service center is.
There is so much to talk about and explore before you buy an RV. My "what to look for list" goes on and on.

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Re: MH recomendation wanted

Hey Kirk,
I see by your recent post that you are a "boat sailor" What kind of boat ???
My wife and I lived aboard a 53' trawler for 13 about full timers.....That was quite a RV.
Love to hear some stories..