Mileage on Majestic 23'

We're considering the purchase of a 2005 Majestic 23' class c RV and was wondering if anone knows the
average mileage. We drive mostly from the Texas Hill Country to the west coast and back. Thanks!
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I am not familar with the Majestic brand but do own a 20" Gulfstream Conquest MH & we get approc. 10 to 11 mpg. on most trips. Hope this helps.
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Ford Triton V8 5.4 liter - Gas engine. Fuel tank holds 55 gal.
Maybe Majestic wasn't right, it's a Four Winds.


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Re: Mileage on Majestic 23'

Well, you've got pretty much the same engine/gas tank as I have in my 2007 31' Forest River Sunseeker. I was hoping some of the older and wiser forum contributors would chip in with some info. I drove mine from the dealer's lot to my driveway (60 miles) and have been tweaking it ever since, getting ready for the road trip to Alaska. I have read some other posts about older versions of this engine blowing spark plugs. Hopefully for you and me, Ford fixed this problem. I will keep checking back and will let you know what kind of mileage I get once we start rolling.