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I am station in Tn right now and transfering to Norfolk Va. Does anyone know of a place for full times there in that area?


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Re: Military transfer

Hi redshirt---welcome to the Forum!

I don't know of any specific campgrounds, etc. in Norfolk, but I can tell you the weather should be fairly mild. They don't usually get too much snow, but you will want to make sure your hoses are taped and kept can get below freezing on occasion!

There should be plenty of parks and CG' that is a huge vacation spot in the summer.

I would also check with mobile home parks....we have had some really good luck with MHPs! It's nice because it's really a more permanent setting and you get to know your neighbors and make really good friends. Don't know if VA allows RVs in MHPs, but it's always good to check...also...usually much cheaper than campgrounds on a monthly basis!
Good Luck!!

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RE: Military transfer

Hey redshirt62, I thought maybe I could help you out, but after checking where we stayed in Newport News, Va it turned out to be a public park with a 21 day stay limit. There are some private parks in Virginia Beach, Va, but may be pricey.
1. Holiday Trav-L-Park of Virgina Beach has 650 sites. or 757-425-0249.
2. North Bay Shore. they have 140 spaces. 757-426-7911
3.Outdoor Resorts 250 sites. 800-333-7515

Chesepeak, Va has a Mobile Court. 757-420-3830

You might find one of those ok. The 1 in Chesepeak looks closest to Norfolk, Va