Mirror signals

I am looking to install extra turn signal indicators on my side mirrors. Lot's of times I think it will help people to see when I turn it on. Has anyone done this if so what kind did you use, and how did they work out?
Mirror signals

The mirrors I have installed have had the indicators in the glass. I have not just added indicators to the standard glass. We replaced, on a Dodge, new mirrors that had the indicators, but the truck was not wired for them. We had to run wires from the mirrors, through doors in the routing of factory wires and get them through the firewall under the fuse box. The instructions showed us how to do it, but it took a while.
Mirror signals

I think they are useful if you are towing something without lights. And sometimes trailer lights do act up I guess. But IMO mirror signals are gadgets. I suppose someday I will own a vehicle with them if the fad continues but I don't see any aftermarket installations in my future.
Mirror signals

I got my signal indicators off ebay for $10.00.
Took me about 4 hours to get them installed.
They are cool, little triangular led lights,in a plastic red housing, pointing in the direction away from the motorhome.
Sure hope this helps with the people that get beside me and could not see the blinkers. They look good in the driveway.