Missouri Camp Grounds

Hello Everyone,
My husband and I just bought a used motor home. We wanted to buy used to see how we would like it before we invest in a new one in a couple years. My question is, Does anyone have any campgrounds in Missouri that you highly recommend? We want to travel in our home state till we get the feel of the motor home and learn some of the basics. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Thanks :)
Barbee & Charlie


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Missouri Camp Grounds

Surf the net for campgrounds, go to Good Sam web site, check Missouri chamber of commerce, etc. Also, check this forum under destinations...you may get a good hit for campgrounds in your state or surrounding states.
Have fun and welcome to the forum. :)
Missouri Camp Grounds

:) Thank You Archer, for all the suggestions. I did some surfing last night checking out sites. Will do some more with your suggestions. We appreciate it. It is hard to know which travel clubs to join also. Two seem to be most popular, Passport America and Good Sam.


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Missouri Camp Grounds

Good Sam will give you 10% off of member campgrounds. Passport America will give you 50% off, but that's all they do.