Mold on the Bra

HI All,

Well....NJ is not any better than it was last time I wrote! To make matters worse, I took the bra out of the bay to put it on the front of the coach (we're going to Delaware to visit friends this weekend), it had all white moldy spots on it! :( It was BONE DRY ewhen I put it away, but my guess is that the GAWD AWFUL HUMIDITY here caused the problem. :angry:

Fortunately, I was able to get it washed off with water and a little Clorox. :laugh:

Here's the question: How can I keep the bra folded and stashed WITHOUT the risk of mold setting in?

We are here in NJ until at least December...maybe even DH finishes this particular project. I really do NOT want to worry about this mold problem on the bra.

We have a neighbor nearby in a FW Discovery and he leaves his bra out on his picnic table...ALL THE TIME!! 24/7!! This does not seem like a viable option to me....any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)

(Can't WAIT til we can go back to Colorado!!! :cool: )



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Re: Mold on the Bra

Well, how about a big zip lock bag, put in the bra and some dessicant (water sucking crystals) and seal it up while sucking the air out?

C Nash

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Re: Mold on the Bra

Johns suggestion sounds good. Why do you have to remove it from the front? Guess you can tell I don't have one :) Might put a can of dampRid in there or maybe a fan. Fan probably not a good idea.
Re: Mold on the Bra

Thanks for the good ideas....The zip-lock bag w/damp rid could be the answer!

Need to remove it from the front of the coach, because if there is moisture between the bra and the this heat, the paint will blister and then I need to get it repainted!!! It's always something!!!