Monument Valley

After reading all the info on Monument Valley we are uncertain whether to rent a car and drive the 17 mile dirt road around the valley or take a jeep tour. Has anyone ever done either? I would appreciate any info. We will be in a 31'and I don't think we can see as much from the paved road.
Monument Valley

My wife and I toured Monument Valley 2 1/2 years ago and want to go again. It's a very beautiful place. almost spiritual. I recommend driving the loops, that way you're on your own time schedule. We may take a jeep tour the next time although we want to tour other area's of 'Canyon Lands' first.
We pulled a 31' Hitchiker to Priest Gulch Campground near Cortez, Co. and used that as our base of operations to tour Monument Valley, Mesa Verde, Telluride and Durango. Had a great time. We highly recommend Priest Gulch. Great Management.
I don't know if you would be allowed to pull a trailer through Monument Valley or would want to. I don't recollect seeing any during our tour. There is a camp ground there but it didn't look too inviting to me. It may be OK for overnight. Be sure to stop at 'Ford's Point', one of John Ford's favorite views. Enjoy!