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My generator has about 400 hours on it. Is that a lot and is it time to think about replacing it? Also it just started stalling after running for a few minutes. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix that problem?
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400 hours is NOT a lot of time on a generator. Generally, without knowing the model or brand, 1500 hours is usually the time for an overhaul. Will go longer if well cared for. Check your owner's manual for maintenance at regular intervals.

Secondly, your stalling problem could be a number of things, but my best guess would be a clogged fuel filter.
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If you have been doing the recommended maintenance intervals and running the genny at least 1 hour each mo under load, 400 hours is nothing. If you cant determine stalling source, go on line and find nearest Cummings/Onan dealer for service/repair. Learned a long time ago that these are the only people to let work on your genny. Good luck :laugh: