Motorhome engine wiring query


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I'm hoping that there will be someone in this forum that can advise me how to help my Dad out. My Dad lives in New Mexico and last year had the misfortune to have a fire in his motorhome's engine which gutted the engine copmpartment's wiring completely.
I live in England and later this summer my family and I will be visiting my Dad for a month. It also happens to be our 25th Wedding Anniversary while we're over there with him and he'd counted on having his motorhome ready to use for us all. I am waiting on the make and model of motorhome but perhaps someone can give me a general answer. His motorhome is certainly more than 10 years old!
What I'd like to know is this, can anyone recommend a good company that could supply him with a wiring harness that would fit his engine? He's very handy and could probably do the job himself if he could find such a company that could supply what he needs.


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Motorhome engine wiring query

He could contact the manufacturer of the MH or the Engine manufacturer and go from there.