Motorhome nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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In July 1999 we purchased a new 1999 Airstream Deisel Pusher. On the way home after taking delivery of the unit we noticed the low water light was on. We returned to dealer and they put water in radiator. Seemed to do the trick, or so we thought. We discovered that we didn"t need the water, that it was the beginning of our endless round of electrical problems. It has been taken for repairs at least 8 times, once to the factory in Ohio. We have been stranded in Fort Wilderness in Fla with 2 small children waiting for a tow truck big enough to move it. (we had to stay with unit or they wouldn"t move it). Try explaining to your kids that you can"t go to Disney to see Mickey because the motorhome is broken!! On that trip, after our dealer spoke to Freightliner and told them to get us on the road.....they sent on our way with no heat, wipers,running lights, back up lights,camera, get the idea.When we called Freightliner they acknowledged our discovery and said that they "had to cut some wires or the thing would burn up driving down the road". So we traveled during the day with flashers on (yes those DID work) and got stopped by every State Police back to Mass.
We originally purchased the unit so that we could facilitate a social skills program for our autistic son. We found that living in a small town did not provide us with enough peer groups for him to "practice" his social skills. So, travelling to family campgrounds gave us a great number of opportunities for him to interact with other kids. Obviously we had to make other arrangements.
This unit has been out of commision for almost 3/4 of the time that we have owned it. We did hire an attorney. After 1,00's of $$ we were still nowhere. Finally out of desperation my husband calld the president of Airstream, Larry Huttle. We told him that all we wanted was a replacement for the new unit we had paid for. He siad he thought that was a reasonable request and that we had a deal.After at least a month of calls back and forth his story has changed. Now he says the best he can do is fix ours??!! and give us some $. The dealer we purchased it from has said in writing that it is a defective unit and he cannnot fix it, and it's now Airstream's responsibility to take care of it. I think we satisfy all the requirements for the Magnuson Moss Federal Law but how do we get anywhere without paying 1,000's more to an attorney? This rig has been sitting in my yard since Dec. 2000 when they returned it from their kast repair attempt. If anyone has any info that would help my family get out from under this nightmare we would really appreciate it. It has put a strain on us all!! Thanks, Deb


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Motorhome nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to hear about all your problems.

We had simulair issues with our unit, except the dealer would break things and not repair them....too long of a story so I might as well stop right there. But our problems went on for months and months.......Until......we gather all our information that I had written down, dates, times, places, whom said what, people we talked to, etc. And we sent all that information to our state Attourney General. A few weeks later, they sent a letter to the dealers head office, and all our issues were fix within a week.

I would suggest that you do the same. Fabricate nothing, send as much information to them as you can. It might be a very good start.

We wish you and your family luck, and keep us informed on what happens.


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Motorhome nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would think all you have to do is get your lawyer to file a suit... I'd be willing to bet Airstream would settle it fast, but they are going to do nothing as long as they think they can slip this one under the rug. The last thing they want is for this to go to trial, it'll cost them big, and they know it!


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Motorhome nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like a simple problem was turned into a disaster by some very incompetent technicians. We also had a "low water" light problem but it was eventually solved by replacing the circuit card that connects to the light on the dash. This was done at the factory service center. They started by replacing the sensor in the radiator and when that didn't work they looked at the other end and found the corrosion problem. If you look under the dash of any motorhome you'll see a jungle of wires. I can imagine what sort of damage could be created if someone were to mess around in there without knowing what they were doing.

Good luck with your legal affairs.

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Motorhome nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like a problem that any good tech. should have been able to repair!! Was the low water light on the only original problem? Can't believe fraighliner cut wires and sent you on the road!! Talk about a law suit WOW. Can understand the dealer if they cut wires not wanting to repair but, if this is the only problem they still should be able to fix. All they need is a wiring diagram. Sure wish i could find one like this that could be bought for the right price. Shame to spend this kind of money for pleasure and wind up with misery. Guess it keeps lawyers happy. Good luck and keep us posted on the latest

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