Motorhome purchase advice

My wife and I have had a pop camper for 18 years and would like to get a travel trailer. It will be kept at park for the summer. we want something with a queen bed and at least 3 beds for our kids. I have started to look but the dealers are no very helpful and nor do I believe everything they say.


C Nash

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Motorhome purchase advice

Go to all the rv shows and look at all of them. Sit on the seats, stand in the shower, sit on the potty (dont use :eek: )lay on the bed, let the wife decide if there is enough kitchen cabinets,drawers, counter top, go underneath, climb on the top, if it has slides, pull them in and see if you can still get to most everything, check storage outside and inside, ask about warrenty. In your heading you saiid motorhome advice and in your article travel trailer. What will you tow with? Are you looking new or used? What size? :question:

Gary B

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Motorhome purchase advice

Hi Ben, Chelse is righton with his advice, I would suggest that if yoy'll be leaving it parked for the most part maybe a park model will work, they typically have the room you want. But of course if you want a rv to travel with at other times that won't work. To get three beds plus the queen you'll need to look at bunkhouse models, good luck and welcome to the forum. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve:
Motorhome purchase advice

The general wisdom when buying an RV is that you buy the first one because your spouse likes the decor, the second one because you like the general quality of contruction and the third for the chassis!

This suggests that with growing experience and maturing points of view you gradually realize that after the first week you don't even notice the fancy walnut trim or stained glass windows but the dripping faucet and the creeky slideout drive you bonkers.

Finely, you realize that you can repair, change or upgrade just about anything in an RV, given enough time, expertise, money and incentive, except the most fundamental part of the rig: the chassis. Once you pay $50,000 for a fifth wheel you can't make it into a class A. And, if you bought a Ford chassis you can't switch it for a Freightliner. You're pretty much stuck with it, like it or not.

You might be able to short circuit a lot of grief, frustration and expense by keeping this in mind when you choose your next dream home on wheels.
Motorhome purchase advice

floorplan floorplan floorplan......RVs kinda require that you be a bit of a do-it-yourselfer so I think that floorplan is the most important like C Nash suggested and make sure you fit on the toilet, that you don't hit your head on the medicine cabinet when brushing your teeth and that there's plenty of room for that 40" TV you want to put in there :laugh: