We have driven our class C for 3 yrs without a toad and now we are getting the equipment for one. Which rear mudflap do you recommend for a class C? It looks like we have a choice of a solid flap, a "stringy" flap, or one that has a series of small 3 inch flaps all the way across. Also, do you think a "bra" (can't think of proper word) would be necessary if you have a flap? Thanks :)

C Nash

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Four Winds, If you go with the rear mud flap or the one that goes all the way across the back be sure it is not to close to the ground. They tend to kick up loose gravel and just make things worse IMO. Another useful piece of information I got from Butch from Nancy Lake Alaska. I was going to install one on our MH before going to Alaska last year but was glad I heeded his advice as I saw several kicking up dust and gravel on the Alcan. Do look good though. The Bras tend to get sand or dust under them and tend to scratch the paint. The under hitch cover seems to do a good job and can be purchased from camping world or similiar places.


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Chelse is absolutely right about mounting the flap so that it is not too close to the ground. I have tried bras & lexan shields and frankly, nothing really protects the toad. Even if you protect the front end, wind currents seem to insure that the sides get sand blasted. Just part of RVing. :(