My Onan is starved for fuel

Does anyone know if Onan generators (2.8 Microlite) have fuel pumps ?
Mine will start right up if it sits for a while but dies shortly thereafter.
I pull the fuel line at the carb and it's dry as thought the unit is not pulling fuel from the tank.
It's tapped into the main vehicle tank.


RE: My Onan is starved for fuel

yes the onan 's have fuel pumps ,, but i would ck u'r rubber hoses ,, all the way to the tank ,, they get dry rotted and crack ,, and then the genset will suck air instead of fuel ,, bty ,, how long has this prob been going on ?????

DL Rupper

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Re: My Onan is starved for fuel

My propane OnonEmerald 4000 did the same thing when the connections to the battery were loose. don't know why, but it did.
Re: My Onan is starved for fuel

Parts of the line were cracked.
I replaced what I could get to but that leaves some parts I couldn't reach going up behind the main tank.
So what next ?