My Other Bounder/Ford Chassis Prob

My gas guage quit working. First assumption is that the in-tank float failed, BUT, a few days later, my engine temp guage also quit. Both guages are side-by-side and are in the same dash cluster and share the same wiring harness connection. I'm thinking it's a related problem and not necessariy a tank float problem, but I don't know how to diagnose it. I disconnected and reconnected the wiring in the dash cluster, but that's all I could think of doing. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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My Other Bounder/Ford Chassis Prob

Replied to your question on the web site.

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My Other Bounder/Ford Chassis Prob

Hie, Definitely electrical but my guess is in the computer control
box. Needs to be put on a machine to check the box. Your
local dealer could determine for sure. IMHO no quick fix

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My Other Bounder/Ford Chassis Prob


Mine did this when it had a bad ground.. Hopefully a new or improved ground to that cluster will help.


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