mystery switch

Just purchased 1997 Damon Intruder. Know nothing about RV's. There is a switch in bedroom on side of nightstand with red light when on, sort of like hot water switch, what is the function of the switch? Diesel engine if that helps. Love the Damon. Thanks.
Re: mystery switch

I also have a Mystery switch, in the bathroom, household type light switch, with a red light indicator next to it. 2001 Damon Intruder gas Ford v-10. Can't figure out what it's for. Help?
Re: mystery switch

Gary, you win the prize! What prize you might ask?

The one for replying to the oldest post! 7 years beats the old record of 6 years! :clown:

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The last mystery switch turned out to be for the fresh water pump. It didn't work until the RV was taken off of shore power.