MythBuster Show proves tailgate theory

John Harrelson

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Does anyone watch the "MythBuster" shows ?

They proved that a pickup truck with the standard tailgate on it and in the closed position got better mileage than a truck with the gate down or off. ???

And they showed why ..... thats the important part.

Destroys the theory of a 5th wheel's vented tailgate or no tailgate giving better miles per gallon...

Don't you love it when Science proves or disproves a theory ??

The MythBuster shows are fantastic... learn something new every time..

MythBusters is on the Discovery Channel..



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MythBuster Show proves tailgate theory

Wow, I wouldn't have believed it. On my old truck, I put one of those rolling covers which claimed to improve gas mileage 10%, and got exactly 10% better gas mileage. I guess air going down further into the bed has more impact to gas mileage than running into a tailgate...

Sort of like those 'air deflectors' which are supposed to reduce gas mileage, but really seem only to raise the 'bug line' on the trailer


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MythBuster Show proves tailgate theory

HI. I remember this theory being proven back years ago by a truck race team. Of course, I can't remember when, but you can't believe how many arguements I've gotten into about the tailgate mileage thing !! And I can't believe the dopes that leave the tailgates down for you , or small kids to walk into, or let them hang 1/2 way out into the parking lot. Oh well, ignorance is bliss. Old MARINES never die, we just ***** ourselves to death.