Nat.. Next of Kin Registry


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In looking at the Texas State web site, I noticed a link to this site and curiosity lead me to look at it. If you check it out it seems to be used by most of the major emergency service agencies in the states and around the country. It would seem to me like something that all of us as RVers should consider.

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Nat.. Next of Kin Registry

That looks like a good thing to do. One never knows what might happen. I learned about another thing that helps in those type situations. On my cell phone I have an entry called ICE , In Case of Emergency. Under that heading are the phone nos. for my family. I learned about it from a friend in Australia, apparently it started in London after their terrorist attack. EM people tried to use the Nos. on cell phones to locate next of kin. Not long after I heard about it there was an article in our newspaper encouraging people to do it. Supposedly EM's look for that now. It sure can't hurt and most of us have cell phones today. Jerry
Nat.. Next of Kin Registry

We took our first RV trip this winter. My wife was already using the ICE numbers in her cell phone. In addition I made up an emergency notification card on my computer and laminated it. We both carry it with us. I put my wife's cell phone number on mine and my cell phone number on her's in case we are separated and something happens.

We also put a small card with our cell phone numbers on it in the window of our motor home so that if something happens in the campground they can contact us.