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Nationwide Internet Access by

My question is however, I found a Data Cable, and it has Driver CD, but say's Software not included, so what do we need? Have Nokia phone 3595 and T-Mobile...unlimited, no we need a software program? Plus our new laptop has usb ports but no serial port, sure hope we don't need that for Data Transfer Cable?


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Nationwide Internet Access by


Please help to clarify something for me - Im from the UK and aren't familiar with the US phone systems/procedures/costs.

We are coming over in January 06 to tour the US and Canada for 18 months, and want to access the internet during that time.

So, we will be buying a laptop/notebook when we get there - what else do we need ?

Obviously, we will need a phone to connect to our computer, with which to access the service....

1. would the phone company bill us for the access, even if we got 400hrs per month on our plan with you ?

2. ive heard of roaming charges in the US - how can these affect things ?

3. as we wont have a US social security number, we cannot get a contract cell phone - so, can I access with a pre-pay phone ?

4. is the service just for the US, or Canada as well ?

5. anything else I need to know ?

Many Thanks

Nationwide Internet Access by

HI Cindy,

We are moving - for work - from Madison, WI to Ft. Edward, NY in Aug. I tried to see if that zip code (12831) was listed on the website, but the site would not come up. It is still available? Is the RVUSA internet access available in that zipcode? Thanks!