Need advice for a trucks for RV!


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So, my husband & I just bought a Navigator that can tow 9,000 lb. & just bought a 32 foot Travel trailer 7600 lb GW. The numbers all worked out; after loaded it weighs approx 8400 lb. However, we need a new Truck, probably a 2500. Not sure a ford or Dodge-gas or disal??? Any suggestions.
Our dilemma is when we hooked it up to leave the RV dealership the tires were exceptionally low. We stayed the night at the dealership. The next day we asked the dealership, x2 people regards to the vehicle & the tires. They right righted us out the door. Meanwhile, an hour or down the road we finally got on the highway to start our adventure & we almost died! Our RV immediately started fishtailing after a truck passed us. Scared to death we pulled over & collected our selves. It was so diff to pull as well, approx 2mpg. We found an RV dealer close to where we pulled off . Trying to diagnose our problem we figured out we had a few. first off they told us we needed the appropriate tires LP for the ones we have on are not for hauling & the dealership put the Wrong Hitch on(to small weight-a 750 lb, not a 1000 lb) at this point we were sooooo upset. At this moment We are now in a camp site directly off the interstate because we are stuck & trying to recoup. The dealership admitted they put the wrong hitch on & sent is a new one. It does feel more sturdy, but definitely need a new truck. Please help! Any advice would help us out because we are new to this! Thank you
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bumper pull. at a min a 3/4 ton. long wheel heavy rater frame mounted reciver, with a load bearing hitch " adapter" ( i forget what they are called).
research the truck first.
both with better cooling systems.
axle gearing.
gross weight rating.
rims ( not fancy, get rims rated to haul weight).
tires. ( you need Truck tires, not car tires).
after market shocks
after market anti sway bar.
think over kill, so you do not.

most 1/4 ton trucks are really over priced cars. and not rated to pull anything.


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2mpg wow!!! You didn't say or I missed it. Did you have sway control. Really need 2 for a 32 ft. Dodge, Ford or Chevy 3/4 ton properly equipped will handle it. Diesel if you plan on a lot of miles towing. Right gasser with correct axle ratio, engine and tow equipment will be fine